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PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER 5.0 x 120 MM / 18MM (SCREW 3.5 & M4) - V2

PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER  5.0 x 120 MM / 18MM (SCREW 3.5 & M4) - V2

Type: Phillips Screwdriver Series: Ultimate Professional R/C Tools Tip size: 5.0mm Tip length: 120mm Handle: 18mm Special tool for screws 3.5 and M4 the world's largest line of professional RC tools first and best RC tools, imitated by others, but never duplicated! used by all RC factory teams and champions totally unique lightweight tools with very light non-slip hollow duraluminum handles and a new unique everlasting diamond pattern grip that cannot be copied CAD-designed tips designed to precisely fit the fastener to prevent stripping tips are hand made from special world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel? to provide long life, excellent torsion optional color-coded plastic caps for easy identification "Without question, HUDY's Pro Wrenches are among the best R/C tools we have ever used." (R/C CAR) "New line of HUDY tools are the best I??ve seen." (Steve Pond, RC CAR ACTION)

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Producer: HUDY