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XB2 Low Shock Absorbers

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XB2 Low Shock Absorbers • Improved landing • Less roll • Improves stability • Suggested for high traction conditions • All parts available individually Low shock absorbers with shorter body complemented with shorter shock shaft and lower shock towers. Recommended for high-traction tracks, reducing front roll, allowing to run without front sway bar and allowing to use more droop for better landing. 322084 Graphite Shock Tower Front 4.0mm - Lower 323084 Graphite Shock Tower Rear 3.5mm - Lower 368121 Alu Front Shock Body 32mm - Hard Coated (2) 368161 Front Hardened Shock Shaft 42mm (2)

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XRAY XT8E Check out the detailed & beautiful presentation of the all new XRAY XT8E at:

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XRAY  GTX8 XRAY is happy to announce that the ultra-successful GTX kit will remain unchanged for the 2018 race season. The team had great success in 2017 and will continue to test and develop the GTX platform during the season to bring further improvements.

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