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HUDY 107570 - 17MM OFF-ROAD WHEEL NUT TOOL The extra robust HUDY Wheel Nut Tool was specially developed to work on the 1/8 Buggy and Truggy 17mm wheel nuts in dirty and abusive conditions. No matter how tightly the wheel nuts are locked, the HUDY Wheel Nut Tool will allow you to very easily and comfortably release the wheel nut. The special design of the oversized handle gives you superior torque to tighten the wheel nuts (helping to ensure no more lost wheels) as well as loosening them. For the ultimate precision and fit the inner hex is specially CNC-machined instead of pressed in to ensure maximum precision of the inner hex shape.The tool is fully CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6, the world's strongest aluminum material available on the RC market. To guarantee long life and protect the shape of the tool even in the most extreme conditions, the tool is hardcoated using XRAY's own unique purpose-built fully-robotic hardcoating line using a self-formulated hardcoating mixture to ensure a very even and precise hardcoated surface. The handle is specially lightened to be as lightweight as possible while still being super tough and strong. The handle is laser-engraved with the HUDY logo and wrench size pad printed into the handle for easy and instant identification.This handy wrench is smart in other ways too... allowing you to hold the wheel axle and insert a hex wrench through the hole in the handle to tighten the setscrew holding the wheel axle's pin. Easy and smart. When you are looking for the ultimate wheel wrench on the market, look no further than HUDY. CNC-machined from exclusive Swiss 7075 T6 Machined hex shape for perfect fit on 17mm hex wheel nuts Hardcoated for maximum life Laser engraved HUDY logo and side identification Super-robust handle for maximum grip and torque Multi-purpose use for wheel axle tightening

54,50 € incl. VAT

Import code: 107570

Availability: Available

Producer: HUDY

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