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Cart Contents Checkout My Account Top » Catalog » HUDY Products » Silicone- Oil- Grease » H106222 €7,00 H106222 HUDY BEARING GREASE - RED HUDY Bearing Grease Premium is a supreme-performance lubricant for extreme overload conditions in highly-loaded bearings. The grease combines the unique features of synthetic-base fluids with those of a high-quality lithium complex thickener. The wax-free nature of synthetic fluids and low coefficient of friction provide very low running torque. This grease reduces operating temperatures in the load zone of spherical roller- and ball-bearings. The lithium complex thickener contributes excellent adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water. The grease has a high level of chemical stability and is formulated with special additive combinations to provide excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion at high and low temperatures. Features: � Excellent protection at high temperatures and low torque � Outstanding high-temperature and low-temperature performance � Reduced downtime and maintenance costs because of reduced wear, rust and corrosion � Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion � Extended service life with longer intervals between re-lubrication and improved bearing life � Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance � Low traction coefficient � Retains excellent grease performance in hostile aqueous environments � Outstanding structural stability in the presence of water � Helps resists viscosity increase at high temperatures to maximize re-lubrication intervals and bearing life.

8,89 € incl. VAT

Import code: 106222

Availability: Available

Producer: HUDY

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