The Shock Lower Mounting Bracket 2 produced by XRAY, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - XRAY - T1/T2/T3/T4 XRAY 302120 - Shock Lower Mounting Bracket (2) This great add-on will enable you to very easily and quickly add two additional lower shock mounting positions on the suspension arms for further adjustment possibilities. The bracket gives two additional mounting positions between the standard two shock lower mounting positions at the ends of the arms; the new positions are in line with the suspension arm. CNC-machined from lightweight duraluminum, complete with mounting hardware. Detail of mounted shock mounting bracket. By mounting this add-on you will get another two additional shock mounting positions. The brackets can be mounted both in front or rear. When using the brackets on the rear arms, put 3mm nut or spacer between the upper shock mounting ball and the rear shock tower to properly angle the shocks.

9,29 € incl. VAT

Import code: 302120

Availability: Available

Producer: XRAY Model Racing Cars

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