The Front Body Mount Set +2mm Height produced by XRAY, is classified in Spares / Hop-ups - XRAY - T1/T2/T3/T4 XRAY 301324 Front Body Mount Set +2mm Height XRAY presents +1mm height-adjustable body posts for the T2 and NT1. For serious racers who focus on the small details, body height plays a very important role in the performance of the car and as such, ultra-fine body height tuning was developed by XRAY R&D engineers to address this increasingly important tuning set-up feature. The body posts are a direct replacement for the standard body posts in the T2 and NT1, while the body holders have the elevated mounting. This makes body height adjustment very quick and easy. In a few short seconds and two clicks, you can exchange all the body holders and then adjust the body height. There are two optional body height adjustment possibilities by +1mm and by +2mm. The new body height adjustable body posts are available separately in a pair of front and rear, allowing for independent front and rear body height adjustments. Looking for cutting edge, fine-tuning adjustment? You have it now. The body mount set includes the extra robust 6mm-thick body posts molded from special XRAY composite material that is ultra lightweight yet very durable and flexible to minimize breakage if the car flips or crashes. The beefy body posts are easily mounted to the car and include the necessary hardware to mount the body holders. For easy identification the new height adjustable body holders have been stamped +1 or +2mm. Part Numbers: 30 1322 - FRONT BODY MOUNT SET - STD 0mm HEIGHT 30 1332 - REAR BODY MOUNT SET - STD 0mm HEIGHT 30 1323 - FRONT BODY MOUNT SET +1MM HEIGHT 30 1324 - FRONT BODY MOUNT SET +2MM HEIGHT 30 1333 - REAR BODY MOUNT SET +1MM HEIGHT 30 1334 - REAR BODY MOUNT SET +2MM HEIGHT Update: Composite brace for bumper not included.

9,29 € incl. VAT

Import code: 301324

Availability: Available

Producer: XRAY Model Racing Cars

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