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New X1’18 Alu Chassis 371016 X1'18 Alu Chassis 2.0mm - 7075 T6 • Increases traction, steering & stability in specific conditions • For high and very high traction tracks • Swiss 7075 T6 • 2mm thick • Black anodized • Laser engraved X1 chassis CNC-machined from 2mm premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and additionally black coated. Designed & developed to increase traction, stability, and steering in specific conditions. The alu chassis provides better control and makes the car easier to drive. Recommended for high and very-high traction tracks. 24mm narrower than previous chassis versions, eliminating contact with the track in corners while rolling, and offering improved cornering speed. Includes a slot for a composite battery backstop which allows 5mm battery position adjustment when using the most frequently used cross-chassis alignment configuration. For use with #371148 alu rear pod plate. 371017 X1'18 Alu Flex Chassis 2.0mm - 7075 T6 • Flex cutout openings • Increased flex • Increased traction • Increased steering • For medium & high-traction tracks • 2mm thickness • Black anodized

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