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Cart Contents Checkout My Account Top » Catalog » HUDY Products » Setup System » H109306 €98,80 H109306 UNIVERSAL EXCLUSIVE SET-UP SYSTEM FOR 1/10 FORMULA #109306 Universal Exclusive Set-Up System for 1/10 Formula Cars � Tough acrylic plastic upper plate � CNC-machined aluminum � Backlash-free measurement � Super-precise measurement � Individually inspected � Handy foam packing Set-up System for all 1/10 formula cars. Set-up System is used for adjustment of: � Toe-in and toe-out � Steering throw symmetry � Steering angle adjustment Main features: � Premium-quality, exclusive set-up system for 1/10 formula cars � Super-precise measurement and setting of front toe, steering throw, steering angle � Includes handy set-up nuts for quick assembly/disassembly � Includes wheel axle adapters � Backlash-free, wobble-free mounting � Fully ball-bearing equipped set-up stands (6 high-precision ball-bearings) � Ultra-smooth, ultra-precise movement and operation � CNC-machined, high-grade aluminum set-up stands � CNC-machined, tough acrylic plastic toe/steering plate � Precision engraving for instant, reliable readings � Packaged in protective foam packing for safe storage and transport Having the best car set-up is one of the most important factors in winning races. The Hudy Set-Up System is the best and most popular set-up tool in the RC world! Precision-machined, high-grade aluminum components allow quick, easy, and accurate set-up of your RC touring car. The entire system is very small, lightweight, and well-designed for easy transport, and features �one screw assembly.� The engraved scales and markings are easy to read, and all parts move very freely due to precision ball-bearings. All Hudy Set-Up Systems allow you to quickly & easily measure and adjust camber & camber intake, caster, toe, and steering throw symmetry.

96,27 € incl. VAT

Import code: 109306

Availability: Available

Producer: HUDY

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